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In addition to working as a marketing strategist, I also find fulfillment in writing for faith-based publications and sharing my love for Jesus with others. You can view my blog and other places I've been published below. 

How to Remain Prayerful While Traveling | Blessed is She

Summer is here, and many of us have trips or vacations on the horizon. Think back to your last vacation or holiday. You probably created some great memories then, but did you notice your prayer routine may have faltered during that time? Vacations can be difficult for Catholics when it comes to maintaining a prayer routine. Typically, I love to start my morning with the Blessed is She Daily Devotion or open my Bible and meditate on a passage. But on my last trip, early morning flights and late nights really threw a wrench into my routine. Since then, I’ve been thinking of ways to remain prayerful while traveling.

The Path to Vocational Discernment

Roberto Ramirez answered Jesus’ call to a very special vocation, one of music and evangelization, but he had to overcome many hardships first – addiction, homelessness and a broken faith. Ramirez’s testimony of how Jesus changed him has inspired many, and he is looking forward to sharing it as a speaker at the Celebrate Faith 2017 conference...His story begins in the Dominican Republic, specifically in Saban Iglesia where he was born. As a child he lived in the countryside in a modest home. He was born into a family that prayed often and gave him an early spiritual foundation; however, as a teenager he fell into a downward spiral of drug use. This left him feeling trapped in sin, but God had not abandoned him.